Packaging Design United Kingdom


Once you approve the final art work, we will send you the whole package includes the logo source files, vector files, Illustrator logo files, together with any other file format you required regardless of which logo design package you have chosen. The vector logo files can be scaled to any size without losing quality or pixelation. This is used for high quality printing. If you need any particular file format please let us know, we will prepare for you; HAPPILY 🙂


Packaging design

There are two key aspects in packaging design: physical and aesthetic.

Orient Design specialises in design aesthetics for packaging, which gives your products the extra edge over competing brands.

A good packaging design is the key to increasing the perceived brand value of your product. It acts as the first tool of communication between consumers and the product. By improving the look and feel of your product packaging, we can shape consumer perceptions and influence their purchase decisions.

Unknown to many, packaging design is also an invaluable form of advertising. It acts as a subtle and unique advertising medium, where customers play a part in increasing brand exposure just by carrying your products. An attractive packaging is eye-catching and creates interest among potential customers.

If you are a small company, packaging design is most likely to be your only and most important form of advertising.

we have worked with both local and multi-national corporations to strengthen their market positions through enhancing packaging design. Below are case studies of how we have helped our clients improve sales and achieve a strong corporate identity.