Google Maps Optimisation



What is Google Maps Optimisation?

A Maps/business listing is your chance to tell your local target customers and clients all about your business/products/services, Google rewards business owners that provide as much information as possible about their business, this has to be done in a specific way to get into the local “3 pack” on a Google search. See the image on the right to see a local search in London for “Mercedes Mechanic”, guess who is going to be getting all of the phone calls and website visits!

Why should my business be in the top 3 listings?

The top 3 Google map placements show at the top of the search page just under the paid ads. A placement in the “3 Pack” for your search terms will increase your website traffic and increase your customer/client inquiries.

Local SEO Service

To capitalize on the potential a top ranking in Google maps can have, our local SEO service begins with tailoring a custom Google maps marketing strategy specifically for your business, this entails optimizing your “Google my business” listing, optimizing your website, and provide a campaign of reputation management, citations, and Google reviews over a period of 6+ weeks. This service is available to any business with a “Google my business” verified address in United Kingdom.

Google Maps for your Business

  • You don’t need 100’s of positive reviews to get top rankings on Maps
  • Almost 90% of all searches on Google are for local business
  • A Business placement on Google Maps for target phrases can increase traffic & phone calls
  • 59% of searches are done first on a smartphone or tablet
  • Around half of Google searches done on a mobile device are done  with the intent of looking for a local business, service, product, or information about the business
  • The maps listing appears just below the paid ads at the top of the page, these ads may be costing the website owners $5-$30+ per click
  • Local searches lead 51% of mobile visitors to visit stores, consultants, professionals,  restaurants and cafes
  • 52% of consumers search for local businesses at least one time per month
  • 0ver 60% of consumers search for a local business at least 6 times per year